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            2. About us Culture

              Target mission

              Our mission: to help small and medium-sized enterprises realize network marketing

              Our goal: to build a professional Internet basic service provider

              Vision of the enterprise: to become the leading brand of IT service in China and become a century old company

              Sense of worth

              Honesty, responsibility, customer success and win-win cooperation

              Honesty is the foundation - we should abide by the business principle of honesty first, and all employees should abide by the code of conduct of honesty in work, life and social interaction,

              Love the post, respect the work, take the good faith as the foundation

              Take responsibility - if an enterprise wants to grow healthily, it must be responsible for its users and provide more and better services for them,

              In order to win the trust and support of users and promote their own development!

              Achieving customers means providing customers with satisfactory products and services, and creating new value for customers through these products and services

              Win win cooperation - in the process of cooperation, the two sides are mutually beneficial, complement each other, and can achieve common benefits.

              Professional spirit

              Passion, innovation, unity and gratitude

              Passion: keep on, keep on, explore your potential!

              Innovation: learn, change, and constantly improve yourself!

              Unity: loyalty, love, create win-win results!

              Thanksgiving: Thanks, gifts, believe in the world sunshine!

              management idea

              Attentive service, sincere service, long-term service

              business ethics

              Be a man and do things in a down-to-earth way. Business ethics is the basic code of conduct for technical coordination of various relationships in a limited company, which focuses on two aspects: one is about people and the other is about things


              Be honest and honest: XXX Co., Ltd. adheres to the moral standard of honesty and trustworthiness, is sincere and sincere to others, modest and low-key, does not deceive itself, does not deceive others, says

              But has the letter, has the mind to be frank, is aboveboard;

              Do things in a down-to-earth way: XXX Co., Ltd. adheres to the diligent and pragmatic working attitude, does not take pains in work, makes unremitting efforts, neglects gains and losses, does not quibble,

              Don't ask for credit.